Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you can find detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions of our users.

General questions
Does coachingspace need to be installed?

No. To start coachingspace, you only need a computer and an internet connection. After successful registration and login, you can start the application directly in the browser.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Our servers are hosted in Germany and data is transmitted only in encrypted form. We adhere to all legal security standards and the development of our platform is exclusively in our hands. You can find more information about our data protection here: Privacy & Security.

What does coachingspace cost?

Here you can find all information about our prices and packages.

Can I use the methods with several clients at the same time?

Yes, click on "Start session" in the application. There you can directly enter the email addresses of your clients/participants. You can also send the session link manually. This link will be generated automatically when you start a new session and saved to your clipboard. You can display the link again by clicking on "Active session" at the top.

Can I create sessions in advance and invite my clients to them?

Yes, this is possible in our client overview. To do so, click on "Clients" in the menu on the left. Here you create the corresponding participants or groups. Then open this client folder via the play button or by clicking on the name. At the top you will now find the invitation link, which belongs individually only to the client. You can now send this link in advance. Important: Please be sure to start the session later via the client folder as well.

Can all clients talk and interact with each other in the sessions?

Yes, when you start a session with your clients and activate the video function, they are all connected via our integrated video chat and can communicate with each other.

Do I need Zoom, Skype or similar providers to use coachingspace?

No. You don't need any other applications to use our tools. When you start a session, you can use our integrated video chat. The advantage is that our servers are located in Germany, so your data is safe.

Is there an option for breakout rooms (small group rooms) in the video tool?

We are currently working with "Jitsi". This video tool does not yet offer a breakout function in its current function. Should this function be available one day, it will also be integrated into our system. However, you can already use breakout rooms in coachingspace by means of a trick. In the client administration you can create several clients with their own room. We will be happy to explain to you personally how this works in detail.

Does coachingspace also work on my smartphone?

Our tools are optimized for a screen size from 13 inches, but can also be used with the smartphone. However, we rather advise the tablet, because the screen size is more comfortable.

Do you offer training on the tools?

Yes, we offer regular demos and training on our tools. You can find more information here.

Can I change my e-mail address afterwards?

Yes, this is possible without any problems in the settings of your account. You can find the corresponding option in the menu on the left side under "Account" directly on the first tab. There you can change and save the email address.

Questions about our prices and packages
Is it true that coachingspace is partially chargeable?

After almost two years of free use, some of our methods have been subject to a fee since January 1, 2022. Thanks to our EXIST grant, we were able to delay this step and thus offer all interested parties the opportunity to extensively test our methods.

Where do I find the store?

You can reach the store after login in the menu on the left side under the item "Administration".

How does the payment work?

Our store system allows payment via credit card as well as via SEPA direct debit. To ensure the security of your bank data or credit card information, we do not process payments ourselves, but through the payment service provider Stripe. Stripe is one of the largest and most secure online payment services.

How can I upgrade from the Individual package to the Premium package?

Please send us an email with your upgrade request and we will find an individual solution:

How do I redeem a promotion code?

It's simple: go to the store in your user account, order the package you want and redeem the promotion code with our payment provider Stripe.

Do my clients also have to subscribe?

No. Only you, as the consultant, conclude the subscription. You can then conduct as many coaching sessions as you like with as many clients as you like during the booked period.

What does "Any combination" in the Individual package mean?

In the Individual package, you can put together your own method package. Each method costs € 19.90 per month. This means that if you want to use the System Board and the Inner Team, for example, you will do better with this model (then for a total of 39.80 € / month) than with the Premium model, which includes all methods. However, the moment you want to use more than just two of our paid methods, the Premium package is the cheaper choice.

For how many hours is the day pass valid?

The day pass is valid for exactly 24 hours. You can log in and out as many times as you like during this time and conduct as many coaching sessions as you like.

Does a subscription renew automatically?

The Individual and Premium packages are automatically renewed at the end of the paid month, unless cancelled on any day in the paid month. The Day Pass, on the other hand, does not renew automatically and is always concluded for 24 hours only.

Can I book the day pass for several days in a row?

When buying a day ticket, this is not possible so far. However, you can buy the desired number of day passes individually. The 24 hours are then automatically extended by another 24 hours on the following days after expiration until all purchased day passes are used up.

Can the day pass be purchased in advance?

For technical reasons, this is currently not possible. However, this is not absolutely necessary, as the purchase process only takes about one minute and can thus be executed directly before the appointment.

I only use coachingspace sporadically. What would you recommend to me?

With our day pass, you can activate all coachingspace functions for 24 hours.

Do I have to save my client's results before my subscription expires?

We do not delete coaching results from our site. Only you can do that yourself. All results are automatically saved in the background. If you take out a subscription, you will receive access to it.

Do you offer discounted volume licenses for multiple consultants?

Please contact our managing director Benjamin Lambeck. He will be happy to discuss the conditions with you.

Are there special conditions for scientists or students?

Yes. Feel free to contact our research officer Lukas Mundelsee about this.

Do you have further questions?

We will be happy to help you!

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