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Jitsi: the video conferencing tool in coachingspace

Online-Beratung ohne Videokonferenzen? Für die meisten von uns undenkbar! Doch spezielle Tools oder Programme sind oft teuer und wenig intuitiv. Mit Jitsi ist deshalb eine komfortable Lösung für Videokonferenzen direkt im coachingspace integriert.

Der Schutz Ihrer Daten ist für uns eine Selbstverständlichkeit. Unsere Datenschutzerklärung finden Sie hier.

Interaction in virtual space
Create or edit texts together - go into direct exchange with the digital notepad.
Video call and video chat
Video chat allows you to communicate or exchange messages face-to-face.
More free space
The digital notepad knows no beginning and no end. Here you have plenty of space for your texts.
Save results
The texts on the notepad can be saved and also reconstructed at any time.
No installation necessary
You and your clients simply enter the coachingspace via the browser - without installation on the PC.
Send invitation link
Send your clients the link to the consultation and get started right away.
Double protected
So that you can also use the notepad for the writing-based online consultation, it is possible to assign an additional password.

We at the ISPA institute use coachingspace for consultations, coachings, supervisions and seminars. The visually very appealing design, the easy handling as well as the well-balanced functionalities have convinced us. Our participants as well as our clients are enthusiastic about this digital possibility. With coachingspace we have found a well-balanced, mature and innovative extension of our consulting rooms. Dare to take the step into digital expansion, it's worth it!

Christian Ackermann - Technical Management Organizational Development

We used coachingspace in counseling families affected by cancer. Through Corona, our work has become highly digitalized and we are happy to have this user-friendly tool that can also be easily used by our clients, both adults and children. We experience the work with the digital system board as enriching for all.

Dr. Beatrice Züll (Managing Director of the phönikks foundation - families living with cancer)

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